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NUTS (14 – 20 May)

There are articles in Nuts, the Radio Times and Time Out.
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NUTS (14 – 20 May)

Insane Animal Antics

At last! New comedy that could finally kill of the withdrawl pangs you’ve been suffering since Little Britain and Nighty Night finished their recently acclaimed runs. Set in a run-down zoo, "Zooniverse", this surreal show focuses on two of the zookeepers, would-be genius Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) and his sweet natured chum Vince Noir (Noel Fielding).
The pair undertake the sort of adventures their real-life counterparts could only dream about – taxi rides to Hell, journeys into the jungle and even a trip to the Arctic. Add in some battles with mod wolves and an angry boxing kangaroo and you’ve got the warped ingredients for one of the maddest sitcoms of all time.
The Mighty Boosh comes fighting out of Steve Coogan’s Baby Cow stable and Barratt has stressed how important the Alan Partridge star has been to the show.
"He (Coogan) saw us at the Edinburgh Fringe, where everyone thought we were a bit abstract, that we were going to come on dressed in foil or something," he told Nuts. "Coogan saw the mainstream possibillities. He helped a lot."
As you would expect, there’s a supporting cast of quirky characters ranging from Naboo, the enigmatic mystery man who runs the kiosk, to demented disco-loving American zoo manager Bob Fossil.
So how did Barratt and Fielding come up with such inspired lunacy?
"We listen to a lot of music. The series was written under the influence of Carlos Santana," said Barratt. No drugs then?
"Um… quite a lot of coffee. I mean people ask that, but it was mainly coffee. Honest."