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More First Episode Details... "Killeroo"

In the first eisode - Killeroo...

This week, Bob Fossil, the zoo manager, wants Howard to fight in an illegal but highly profitable boxing match against the 'Killeroo' – a deadly kangaroo with a mean left hook.

Desperate to impress Mrs Gideon, the sexy Head of Reptiles, Howard agrees and turns to Vince for help.

Vince realises that, to turn Howard into 'Monsoon Moon' the boxer, they need the help of his boxing promoter uncle, some jazzy tracksuits and a training montage with music.

But Howard just doesn't cut the mustard leaving Vince worried that his friend's life is in his hands.

With a little help from Naboo, the local enigmatic mystic, and some magic dust, Vince has a dream that seems to be telling him how they can win the fight, if only he can figure it out…

The Mighty Boosh is an eight part series which continues BBC THREE's tradition for innovative, edgy comedy such as Little Britain, Nighty Night, 3 Non Blondes and 15 Storeys High.