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BBC3 Starts Tues 18th May at 10.30pm

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are The Mighty Boosh and together they write and star in this collection of magical adventures based on their Perrier Award winning comedy show.

Vince Noir (Fielding) and Howard Moon (Barratt) are zoo-keepers at the dilapidated 'Zoo-niverse'and are the unsuspecting heroes of The Mighty Boosh. Vince describes himself as a 'Mowgli in flares'with fabulous hair, whereas Howard thinks he is more the brains of their zoo-keeping outfit, a brooding maverick destined for better things.

The boys embark on an array of magical, bizarre and exciting adventures including a trip to the Arctic tundra to find lost egg, an expedition deep into the jungle and quite literally to Hell and back in a dodgy cab! On their journeys they encounter a range of weird and unusual characters including the Parka people, some mod wolves, the ape of death who has a severe hair complex and a terrifying boxing kangaroo!

Together, Vince & Howard continually battle against the owner of the Zoo-Niverse -Dixon Bainbridge (Matt Berry) - and his manager Bob Fossil (Rich Fulcher), and if they are very lucky they are sometimes helped on their adventures by zoo kiosk worker and all-knowing enigmatic mystic, Naboo (Michael Fielding).

With music & mayhem - it's all in a days work for The Mighty Boosh.

Cast List

Vince Noir - Noel Fielding
Howard Moon - Julian Barratt
Naboo - Michael Fielding
Dixon Bainbridge - Matt Berry
Bob Fossil - Richard Fulcher

Character Guide

Kindred spirit to all animals, Vince is a true Mowgli in flares and obsessed with everything glam rock & electro. He is a gifted child who looks up to and puts up with the brooding Howard. If he isn't saving Howard form Monkey Hell or befriending wild polar bears in the Artic, then he's certain to be making sure his crafted hair looks unfeasibly good.

Powerful actor, jazz fiend, a maverick who goes him own way -at least that's what Howard thinks. With an air of Rigsy-gloom, he philosophises his way through the daily zoo-keeping duties and tries to impart his wisdom onto his sidekick Vince.

An enigma who also happens to run the zoo's kiosk. Whatever you need, Naboo is the man -whether it's a magical lotion or potion or simply mystical advice, Naboo knows all. And he's got a mate that can get discounts at Dixons which is always useful.

Bob is the manager at the Zoo-niverse; a brash American with a loud voice and a mind that wanders aimlessly. When he isn't barking orders at Vince and Howard he is fawning over the zoo's owner -Dixon Bainbridge -the object of his love and devotion.

Smarmy and dastardly, a daring adventurer who, when not telling stories of his worldly escapades, is usually trying to set up illegal kangaroo boxing matches or sell the zoo to the highest bidder. He has a walrus-like moustache and an ego to match.