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News from BabyCow - New Web Address

After its pilot on BBC3 in 2003, The Mighty Boosh has been commissioned as an 8 part series for BBC3 and will air this May. Written by and starring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, The Mighty Boosh is a comedy that can only be described as a magical mystery tour where we follow the adventures of Vince Noir and Howard Moon, keepers at the bizarre zoo where being lost in the secret jungle within the zoo walls or treks to the Arctic to discover the mystical Egg of Mantumbi are ordinary every day occurrences.

So it sounds like there is going to be a lot of The Mighty Boosh stage show in the new series which would be absolutely fantastic.

The series has been produced by Alison McPhail and directed by Paul King (director of Garth Marenghi’s "Fright Night" & "Netherhead", former Cambridge Footlight and friend of the Boosh).

We will let you know the exact date of transmission as soon as it is released.

Also, the site has a new address…

We are currently undergoing renovations and hope to relaunch the site at the beginning of April.