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The Mighty Boosh Trailers on the BBC

Get watching the BBC NOW for trailers of the Boosh.... coming soon.... Trailers are being screened this from this evening. Before Casualty on BBC1.

The 30 second long trailer is showing on BBC1, BBC2 and BBC Three.

"Fed up with the same old excursions? Fancy something interesting for a change? Then you should take a trip to the Zoo-niverse ('Come with us now... on a journey through time and space... to the world of The Mighty Boosh') The unnatural habitat of The Mighty Boosh... It's a mighty fine day out."

Starting with what is seemingly a boring slide show of pictures of houses and 50s style suburbia, the slides reach one of a gorilla sandwiched between Noel and Julian and proceeds to show glimpses into the whole series.

We look through the gates of the Zoo-niverse to see an old man wandering around.

Noel stepping through a mirror.

Julian's head surrounded by pink balloons.

Noel (dressed as the woodland character on the back of the Voodoo Hedgehog flyers) wearing white boots dancing in front of a imposed backdrop of the Taj Mahal.

A mirror's view of Noel preening his hair.

Julian dressed in his turquoise tracksuit (to be given away on the BBC Three website) holding the phone.

Noel dressed in his red jumpsuit sitting with Mr. Polar Bear.

Noel dancing and doing hand-claps with a gorilla.

Noel dressed as a cobra...
The sequence ends back at the slide show with a picture of the Mighty Boosh logo which is at the top of this news page.

"The Mighty Boosh opens soon only on BBC3"

The BBC insist that Tues 18 May is definitely going to be the date of transmission but we hear from those working on it that it may be changed to Sat 16th...