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Razorlight Cameos in Boosh Series 2


British rockers RAZORLIGHT have swapped the stage for the screen and will make their acting debut in a sketch for acclaimed British comedy THE MIGHTY BOOSH.

The London group will make a cameo role in the second series of the hit TV show which features British comedians NOEL FIELDING and JULIAN BARRATT.

Despite not having any lines to learn for the scene, drummer ANDY BURROWS admits the group were jittery with nerves before their small screen debut.

He says, "We got on set and they both had these insane costumes on and were painted up.

"There were no words in our scene but it was set in a desert.

"We have got metal detectors and are looking for something, but until I actually see it in context I don't exactly know.

"We got nervous - it was our first acting role, but it was great. They were so lovely."

The GOLDEN TOUCH band struck up a rapport with the funnymen after becoming huge fans of the show's first series and have asked both comedians - who also pen all the theme music to the series - to guest on their follow-up album to their successful debut UP ALL NIGHT.

The episode starring Razorlight will be screened on British digital channel BBC3 later this year (05).