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How To Tell When A Relationship Is Over

Written and directed by Tony Roche and produced by Jim Spencer, "How To Tell When A Relationship Is Over", last night deservedly won the Paramount Film First 2004 Comedy Shorts Competition. As a result it will be screened in front of a big name movie in UCI and City Screen cinemas around the UK later on in the year. Last year HTTWARIO was screened at the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, Bristol Brief Encounters, Interfilm (Berlin) and Foyle Film Festival. It went on to win the "Best Short" category at the Montreal Just For Laughs International Comedy Festival.

The synopsis describes the film as telling the story of a couple splitting up in fifteen different ways but it is more accurate to describe it as per the title of the film – it isn’t a story, it is simply fifteen different ways to tell when a relationship is drawing to a close. Before the film was screened Tony joked that the inspiration for the film came from being constantly dumped by women. Well, a friend of his being dumped by women. A friend called Tony. Smith. Ahem. Roche.

The two main roles are played brilliantly by Julian Barratt and Susan Earl (with Grant Gillespie as the "gay" friend) and the action takes place solely in Tony Roche’s kitchen. With the cast and crew offering their services for free, the film cost a mere £40 to make, which includes the cost of replacing Tony’s cafetiere which was broken during the fight scene (and so causes a continuity error).

Here are those fifteen ways to tell when a relationship is over along with a description of the action and accompanying dialogue.

Starts with Julian and Susan laughing before cutting to the titles.

1. You try to make an effort

J: Hello
S: (Yells) Shut up!

2. You stop making an effort

Julian belches and farts solidly for about 30 seconds while Susan looks on in disgust.

3. You find the other person annoying

Susan growls at Julian despite him sitting there minding his own business.

4. You get a list of all your faults

S: I’ve made a list of all your faults
J: What a long list!
S:That’s the index. This is the list
J: I’ll get back to you on that.

5. You try to put the other person off

J : This is diffult but I’m… um...a cannibal. I’m allergic to women. I had sex with a dog once… twice actually.

6. You try to get the magic back

As Julian leans towards Susan for a kiss, she is sick on him.

7. You fight all the time

Julian and Susan start by throwing food at each other which rapidly degenerates into fencing via wrestling…

8. You start to work on a back up plan

J: Yeah I’d like to place a classified ad. Yeah, um Single man seeks woman. Can only meet Thursdays. Ring mobile, not home number. Oh (Susan walks into the kitchen) Ok Bye. David … (turns to Susan) Hi!

9. Someone else is mentioned repeatedly

J: I saw Natasha today. It’s always… (dreamily) its always great to see Natasha. I really like Natasha. We get on really well.
S: Who’s Natasha?
J: Uh.. she’s…er… you wouldn’t know her. She’s nice, very nice, nice girl.
S: Is she real?
J: Yeah very real. Too real.
(Susan slams something onto the table)
J: Natasha would never do that… (starts singing) Natasha Natasha… you’re the one you’re the one for me… (door slams) What?

10. You start getting personal

S: (on phone) Average bloke, average looks, average job, below average intelligence, seeks woman way out of league but will settle for less. Anything you wanna add?
J: No that’s fine.

11. Some things don’t seem to make sense

S: I’m gay
J: Well who’s he then? (pointing to man standing by the kitchen door)
S: He’s gay
(Susan and the "gay" man start snogging)
J: What are you doing
S: It’s a gay thing

12. It’s war

J: (on phone) Yeah I’d like to place a classified ad. Yeah Man seeks woman, any woman, not fussy. Yeah that’s it.

13. You find a dead pigeon

S: (looking at the pigeon) Definitely dead
J: That’s it then…

14. You feel like you’re in a french film

J: (in french – play on "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" by Free) Shoud she stay, should she go? Should she stay, should she go now? If she stays there will be trouble… If she goes there will be double…Go.

15. The other person isn’t there anymore

Cuts to Julian sitting alone at the kitchen table .

The end.

At the private industry screening at the Curzon it was rewarded with by far the most laughs from the audience and a rousing cheer when the credits started to roll. It was the most basic but perfectly executed idea and was wonderfully acted, shot and directed.

The result was announced by Alison Steadman (who starred in last year’s winning short film, DIY Hard) who said the judges had a very enjoyable time viewing the shorts. She described HTTARIO as "simple, clear, the most original, warm and funny and the one that made us most laugh out loud."

More First Episode Details... "Killeroo"

In the first eisode - Killeroo...

This week, Bob Fossil, the zoo manager, wants Howard to fight in an illegal but highly profitable boxing match against the 'Killeroo' – a deadly kangaroo with a mean left hook.

Desperate to impress Mrs Gideon, the sexy Head of Reptiles, Howard agrees and turns to Vince for help.

Vince realises that, to turn Howard into 'Monsoon Moon' the boxer, they need the help of his boxing promoter uncle, some jazzy tracksuits and a training montage with music.

But Howard just doesn't cut the mustard leaving Vince worried that his friend's life is in his hands.

With a little help from Naboo, the local enigmatic mystic, and some magic dust, Vince has a dream that seems to be telling him how they can win the fight, if only he can figure it out…

The Mighty Boosh is an eight part series which continues BBC THREE's tradition for innovative, edgy comedy such as Little Britain, Nighty Night, 3 Non Blondes and 15 Storeys High.


How To Tell When A Relationship Is Over has won the Paramount Comedy Shorts Award for 2004. The short film, which stars Julian Barratt alongside Susan Earl, was written and directed by Tony Roche.

More information on the film, and on the Comedy Shorts Award can be found here.

More information on today's private industry screening will follow shortly!

Tonight as part of an industry screening, I'm off to see "How To Tell When A Relationship Is Over" as part of the Paramount Comedy Film Shorts competition. Full report tomorrow...


Stuart Murphy, controller of BBC3, last night spoke of how he has been a fan of the Boosh since the very beginning and that it is a joy for him to have commissioned The Mighty Boosh for the BBC, "it’s unlike anything else you’ve seen before… The Mighty Boosh is going to be the next big thing". The slot that The Mighty Boosh has in the schedules reflects the commitment the BBC have to the Boosh and other new talent. Broadcast at 10.30pm, immediately after Eastenders, the channel’s highest rating show, means that the Boosh should inherit a proportion of its viewers.

The show starts as the pilot did, with Vince and Howard welcoming the audience to the show in a way that only the Boosh can, which inevitably degenerates into Howard threatening to "come at" Noel and then introduce him to "Mr and Mrs Pain", the curtains are pulled back and the credits roll. The show ends with similarly with the curtains closing – the perfect device to indicate the end of the main section, allowing Vince and Howard to come back on, break down the fourth wall, and comment about the past half hour’s adventures and wrap the show up.

There is a new opening sequence with the Boosh signature theme and the immortal words from The Mighty Boosh stage show which also transferred to radio… "come with us now on a journey through time and space… to the world… of The Mighty Boosh." The yetti seems to be the new logo of the Boosh, featuring in the main Boosh title at the beginning of the show, in the Batman-style inserts between scenes, and also on the sleeves of the zoo staff’s uniforms. The yetti originally featured in Arctic Boosh where she swept Vince off his feet and was the object of Howard’s misguided affections, leading to them both revealing matching tattoos of the yetti’s face on their stomachs. The overall feel is a lot darker, more real and less polished and cartoony than the pilot, and the absence of the laughter track is a definite improvement.

Last night I saw "Killeroo" which, according to the producer, may be the first episode of The Mighty Boosh to be broadcast on BBC3. The majority of the material was new but there were references to small parts of the stage shows. Bob Fossil (who throws some particularly funky shapes in this particular episode) bribes Howard into underground fighting with a killer kangaroo using some hideous photos he has of Howard in the nude to blackmail him (he first tries with a polystyrene cup). It features dream sequences, choreographed dancing, cream poetry, Noel as a koi carp, Naboo – shamen and kiosk vender, Rich Fulcher playing a deranged boxing coach (sporting a built-up nose) and Howard singing (which is dubbed just badly enough to be perfect) and knocking out a small child. Polystyrene cups feature quite prominently.

Paul King (Perrier Award winning director of Garth Marenghi’s live shows and associate producer of Darkplace), Alison McPhail (Cruise Of The Gods) and everyone at Baby Cow have done a wonderful job of realising the Boosh in its long-awaited transfer from stage to radio to television. If you thought the pilot was great, then expect even more Boosh magic from the series.

We will be forging strong links with the BBC over the next few weeks and we’ll be bringing you exciting news tied in with the trailing of the show on 10 May on BBC3 and BBC2 as well as comprehensive coverage of the series as it progresses. Watch this space…


Other cameo appearances in The Mighty Boosh come from Dee Plume and Sue Denim (Robots In Disguise), Dave Hadingham and Pete (Mike Fielding's friend).

The Mighty Boosh will be advertised on the BBC from 10 May so keep an eye out for the trails...


More Exclusive Details!



BBC3 Starts Tues 18th May at 10.30pm

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are The Mighty Boosh and together they write and star in this collection of magical adventures based on their Perrier Award winning comedy show.

Vince Noir (Fielding) and Howard Moon (Barratt) are zoo-keepers at the dilapidated 'Zoo-niverse'and are the unsuspecting heroes of The Mighty Boosh. Vince describes himself as a 'Mowgli in flares'with fabulous hair, whereas Howard thinks he is more the brains of their zoo-keeping outfit, a brooding maverick destined for better things.

The boys embark on an array of magical, bizarre and exciting adventures including a trip to the Arctic tundra to find lost egg, an expedition deep into the jungle and quite literally to Hell and back in a dodgy cab! On their journeys they encounter a range of weird and unusual characters including the Parka people, some mod wolves, the ape of death who has a severe hair complex and a terrifying boxing kangaroo!

Together, Vince & Howard continually battle against the owner of the Zoo-Niverse -Dixon Bainbridge (Matt Berry) - and his manager Bob Fossil (Rich Fulcher), and if they are very lucky they are sometimes helped on their adventures by zoo kiosk worker and all-knowing enigmatic mystic, Naboo (Michael Fielding).

With music & mayhem - it's all in a days work for The Mighty Boosh.

Cast List

Vince Noir - Noel Fielding
Howard Moon - Julian Barratt
Naboo - Michael Fielding
Dixon Bainbridge - Matt Berry
Bob Fossil - Richard Fulcher

Character Guide

Kindred spirit to all animals, Vince is a true Mowgli in flares and obsessed with everything glam rock & electro. He is a gifted child who looks up to and puts up with the brooding Howard. If he isn't saving Howard form Monkey Hell or befriending wild polar bears in the Artic, then he's certain to be making sure his crafted hair looks unfeasibly good.

Powerful actor, jazz fiend, a maverick who goes him own way -at least that's what Howard thinks. With an air of Rigsy-gloom, he philosophises his way through the daily zoo-keeping duties and tries to impart his wisdom onto his sidekick Vince.

An enigma who also happens to run the zoo's kiosk. Whatever you need, Naboo is the man -whether it's a magical lotion or potion or simply mystical advice, Naboo knows all. And he's got a mate that can get discounts at Dixons which is always useful.

Bob is the manager at the Zoo-niverse; a brash American with a loud voice and a mind that wanders aimlessly. When he isn't barking orders at Vince and Howard he is fawning over the zoo's owner -Dixon Bainbridge -the object of his love and devotion.

Smarmy and dastardly, a daring adventurer who, when not telling stories of his worldly escapades, is usually trying to set up illegal kangaroo boxing matches or sell the zoo to the highest bidder. He has a walrus-like moustache and an ego to match.