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Julian starring in new Chris Morris vehicle

Box of Slices

It's being filmed right now in Hoxton, London. Julian plays Dan, a friend of the main character, Nathan Barley.

Chris Morris has teamed up with the writer of (Charlie Brooker), which was a fake Radio Times column published online every two weeks, fake in
that all the shows were made up but to look at it you'd think it was a cut out from Radio Times - it later became a book and a TV programme. It was scathing in its rants on all corners of society, especially the media. One of the shows was called Cunt; a show about a nasty, selfish, twat of a media whore, Nathan Barley, who fancies the pants of himself as he makes his own life and the life of
everyone around him progressively worse. It wasn't slapstick, just sick and highly bitter. So now they're making a sitcom around the idea. Chris Morris is directing and Charlie Brooker is the writer - although Morris inevitably would have had some input with the writing.

In one scene, Dan is walking down the street with paint, dirt, fag ends and a general mess over his hair and clothes. Nathan stops Dan in the street, much to Dan's annoyance, who does his best to get away from Nathan. Nathan then believes that Dan's mess is a new look and gets his hair cut with the same type of mess that Dan was sporting.

(Thanks to Tara who is a fountain of knowledge).