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Television Reviews for last night's shows

From The Times Online (scroll to the bottom):

Steve Coogan and Henry Normal’s Baby Cow production company seems to have landed the contract to deliver almost half the comedy shows on TV at the moment, from Marion and Geoff to the new I am Not An Animal. Their latest offering is The Mighty Boosh (BBC Three), in which Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt take off where their Perrier award-winning show left off. They play Vince Noir and Howard Moon, two unconventional zookeepers at the surreal Zoo-Niverse.

It looks promising. Well, it looks different, certainly.

Joe Joseph

From The Guardian:

Knowing my taste in comedy, The Mighty Boosh (BBC3) will probably be the nation's favourite within six months, quoted in playground and parliament alike. I remained stonily unamused. Criticising a new comedy show is about as sporting as shooting fish in a barrel, but in this case the fish had it coming. The Mighty Boosh tried to be surreal and weird, but kept tripping over its awkward writing style ("You're about as edgy as a satsuma") and its self-congratulatory performance tone. There was a promising pastiche of The Island of Lost Souls in the second of the two introductory episodes, but it quickly degenerated into a lame musical number with breakdancing mutants, which looks funnier on paper than it really was.

There was one good visual joke about a moving shrub, but one laugh in an hour doesn't do it for me. But what do I know about comedy? I can't stand Only Fools and Horses either.

Rupert Smith