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NEWS Round Up 28/9/06

It is my great pleasure to announce that no only will the first maiden podcast be online in a matter of hours - all 10 glorious minutes (not bad for a first go).

Yesterday was unprecedented because I didn't meet Noel and Julian just the once, oh no, I had to go back and see them a second unplanned time - at very short notice. They are now going to feature in the final of three podcasts that I am producing for Amnesty and Channel 4 - they should be available on both websites for download and I will let you all know when. They manage to skip the issues behind Amnesty and focus solely on hair straighteners etc... getting right down to the gritty realism of world politics.

Also, the name for the fan club has been set in stone by the boys - it is simple yet effective. We shall be known as Mod Wolves. Much like some bands, there will be no "The" in front of our name, we are simply Mod Wolves. Noel and Julian are working on the logo - which will be magically turned into an embroidered patch for you to sew to your clothes as you so desire. So the PO box is being set up and I shall unleash the application form and further details in the coming week or two. Hooray.

I should be getting a few exclusive clips (exclusive to this site only - until someone manages to copy them, i daresay) of the live show from the DVD distributors... not sure when but I shall let you know. I have such a terrible memory.