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Yes, there will be a DVD of series 1 available soon. As yet we have no date but the BBC will be releasing it sometime after the launch of the second series.

We are still writing the second series and imagine it will take another month before we start production. From then it will take a while to reach your screens. There will be meetings, discussions, we will be forced to take the best bits out and finally it will be shown, at irregular times across the schedule.

For any of you who might be wondering why the first series disappeared from the schedules BBC2 has decided it will show the last 3 episodes of the first series in the near future. Again we have no dates. We are not very good at dates

The Second Most Asked Question.

Yes, Noel's hair is real. Get over it.

The Mighty Boosh is to be shown in the U.S.A. BBC America has bought the Boosh and will be showing it soon, sandwiched between reruns of Benny Hill and The Office. Dates and times to follow.

Nathan Barley starts on Channel 4 Friday 11th February, 10pm

The Mighty Boosh has been nominated in the Best TV Show category of the NME Awards. You can vote for us here.

I will get onto my contact at the BBC to get more details about the DVD release.



The Boosh are rumoured to be appearing live for the first time in many years at a venue in London (sorry!) very soon with a very special guest - before details were released it was already sold out (if they are on, they'll only be on for a v short while)- we can't tell you where or when just yet but we are trying to get hold of 2 tickets to give away to our merry band of Boosh fans... keep checking the news page and forum for details.
Nathan Barley news - Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker's new C4 comedy starring Julian and Noel (and
a whole host of others) coming to your screens very soon.  TX date to follow.

Australian TV Repeats
SBS from 2/2 at 3.30pm (Killeroo)

BBC7 Radio Repeats
from 2/2 at 11.30pm and again at 5am (Stolen)

Vote for the Boosh in the NME Awards!

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