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The Boosh are rumoured to be appearing live for the first time in many years at a venue in London (sorry!) very soon with a very special guest - before details were released it was already sold out (if they are on, they'll only be on for a v short while)- we can't tell you where or when just yet but we are trying to get hold of 2 tickets to give away to our merry band of Boosh fans... keep checking the news page and forum for details.
Nathan Barley news - Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker's new C4 comedy starring Julian and Noel (and
a whole host of others) coming to your screens very soon.  TX date to follow.

Australian TV Repeats
SBS from 2/2 at 3.30pm (Killeroo)

BBC7 Radio Repeats
from 2/2 at 11.30pm and again at 5am (Stolen)

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Please don't send any more orders for CDs as this offer closed a few weeks ago - the website is yet to
be updated so apologies for any confusion.