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Exclusive News!

The Producer of 'The Mighty Boosh' and Senior Producer for Babycow has confirmed that the first episode in the 8 part series will be broadcast on BBC3 at 9pm on Tuesday 4th May 2004. It will then transfer to BBC2 but probably not until the Autumn. This date is subject to change and probably will change once or twice before broadcast. Check back near the end of April for a more definite date.

The regular cast is

Bob Fossil (Rich Fulcher) who has become the Zoo Manager

Michael Fielding - back as Naboo in a speaking part.

The owner is now Dixon Bainbridge played by Matt Berry (Richard Ayoade played the part in the pilot).

Johnny Two Hats is played by Dan Clark (Electric Eel/The Estate Agents/Mad About Alice).

Simon Farnaby plays publisher, Hamilton Cork in the 'Charlie'episode, and also Pie Faced Man in 'Electro'.

An important figure in the show is Dave Brown (AutoBoosh/Boosh Radio). He plays Joey Moose in some of the episodes but also played a role in choreographing some of the dance scenes. He very memorably plays Black Frost in the revamped ‘Tundra’.

Mrs Gideon (Victoria Wicks - Sally Smedley from 'Drop the Dead Donkey') is Head of Reptiles and the focus of Howard's affection at the zoo.

The pilot episode, ‘Tundra’, has been partly re-shot and re-edited in order to accommodate the change of cast.

On top of that, there will be talking gorillas, chimps, foxes, dancing Mod wolves, a panda which has a complicated love life, a bear who is taken to an Animal Offenders Institute and a boxing kangaroo.

The episodes are


More news to follow soon!!!


News from BabyCow - New Web Address

After its pilot on BBC3 in 2003, The Mighty Boosh has been commissioned as an 8 part series for BBC3 and will air this May. Written by and starring Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, The Mighty Boosh is a comedy that can only be described as a magical mystery tour where we follow the adventures of Vince Noir and Howard Moon, keepers at the bizarre zoo where being lost in the secret jungle within the zoo walls or treks to the Arctic to discover the mystical Egg of Mantumbi are ordinary every day occurrences.

So it sounds like there is going to be a lot of The Mighty Boosh stage show in the new series which would be absolutely fantastic.

The series has been produced by Alison McPhail and directed by Paul King (director of Garth Marenghi’s "Fright Night" & "Netherhead", former Cambridge Footlight and friend of the Boosh).

We will let you know the exact date of transmission as soon as it is released.

Also, the site has a new address…

We are currently undergoing renovations and hope to relaunch the site at the beginning of April.

Cast News

The role of Dixon Bainbridge in The Mighty Boosh TV series is played by Matt Berry ("Sanchez" in Garth Marenghi's Darkplace) rather than Richard Ayoade who played Bainbridge in the 2003 Boosh pilot.

There are also numerous familiar faces appearing..

Boosh characters include...
Johnny Two-Hats
The actor Simon McFarnaby

More details as the broadcast gets closer... keep checking back!


BBC Spring/Summer Press Release

The BBC have just released sparse details of next season's programming which is thankfully and finally to include 'The Might Boosh'. We're pleased to hear that the show has defaulted to the original name rather than just the Boosh.

Here is the relevant part of the press release in full.

BBC THREE continually aims to raise the creative bar across all genres and to encourage new ideas and new talent.

This strategy has been most successful in comedy and factual so far; drama is now set to follow.

Comedies such as the RTS award-winning Little Britain, Monkey Dust, Nighty Night and Catterick all took big creative risks and set it apart from other multi-channels.

This season the channel will build on the comedies with two new and imaginative shows: The Mighty Boosh and The Smoking Room.

The Mighty Boosh is written by and stars Perrier Award-winning comedy double act Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt.

It's a magical adventure based in a surreal zoo, with them playing zookeepers Vince and Howard.

Produced by Baby Cow it's a unique departure from the usual comedy formats, so is exactly what BBC THREE should be doing.

Noel and Julian say: "We've tried not to make it like anything else. That was our main goal.

"We hope it's quite accessible; we tried really hard to make it our thing, our world. I hope that comes across."