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Hello team boosh.
Everything is now in place for the launch of the fan club... from this moment forward we won't be using the words "fan" or "club" we shall be using the term Modwolves, as decreed by Noel and Julian. For those of you who have listened to the first podcast, I am afraid that Julian's offer to invite you round his and cook you chili if you become a member has not yet been secured. But there are other exciting things going on and the Boosh are currently designing our logo which will arrive on your doormat in the form of a beautiful embroidered patch which you can sew to whatever the hell you like.
There are special provisions for non UK fans so everyone can join. The PO Box is open from this monday so please don't put your applications in the post today - wait til tomorrow. Also the sooner you send your application the better, then I can get a good idea of how many patches/badges we'll all be needing...
So, I think that's all you need to know... don't forget to follow the instructions carefully.
Are you a Modwolve?
Go to the main page of and click on the Modwolves logo!