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News from Noel...

I'm not going to transcribe my chat with Noel word for word just yet. Most of what we talked about was about the Live DVD and the tour so I will do that some point very soon - including the story of the time that Noel was so exhausted that Dave had to go round and help him pack. The rest was just chatting about the fan club and that is being sorted out soon. Despite there not being an official Boosh tour til late next year, there will almost certainly be a few fan club gigs... work in progress stuff. That's just something we're talking about.

I am working on a podcast site for the Edinburgh festival which led me onto ask the boys the other day if we could do one for the website - maybe a monthly update and they said they'd love to so fingers crossed. I'll nab them if they come up to visit Edinburgh but even though they'd like to, it probably won't happen. It'll be after August though cos I'll be in Scotland for the festival. But that's something to look forward to. As ever you'll all be the first to know about any Boosh news.

So here we go... bullet points, news from Noel.

Words used in response to plaque/card.
"Oh my god... brilliant... amazing... oh my god... it's really good isn't it...? That's really sweet... oh my god... that's really good that... it looks really like us all as well... it's amazing... it's beautiful isn't it... that's f**king amazing... that is insane!" Etc.

Live DVD out around November - already edited.
- Mixture of two shows but more or less the first one (JC can breath a sigh of relief!)
- Spirit of Jazz (who got up to go to toilet) from last Brixton show made it to the final cut!
- Mobbing at the end of the last show has been kept in
- Matt Berry in final edit
- 2.5 hours long (main show)
- Extras - filmed by 2 girls who did a film about the Mystery Jets0
- Lots of fans feature in the extras - also during Boosh getting in/out of Booshmobile sequence!
- Possibly putting one of the warm up gigs as a DVD extra as for some of them - esp the first one, practically none of the material made it to the final show.

- Were offered a tour of the same show
- Would like to go to New York/LA/San Francisco/Australia
- No tour until just before Xmas last year (it'll take them til then to recover - Noel still struggles to make a cup of tea without a round of applause!)

DVD out at end of this year
By then 3rd series should be written
3rd series filmed next year - out next summer
Write in August and go out on tour before Xmas or after Xmas
Will try to get film going
Also saturday night live type thing going (probably after 3rd series)
Gary Numan asked Noel to sing Electro Boy at one of his live shows
Not much Noel stand up coming up with all the writing they've got to do - he wants to write new stuff before going out.
Hoping to get a record deal to release a single and make a music video
Possibility of script book release or a book with pictures/words, like the tour programme.
V small possibility of radio stuff
(These are all still only ideas..!)

Fan Club (*which isn't going to be called the Fan Club)
- we talked about the possibility of a Noel Fielding art exhibition (which I will get on to) - not just fan club of course. (Noel thinking of giving me some art to put on the website)
- Boosh are designing the logo and thinking of a name
- possibility of fan club only CD/DVD (an idea I stole from the Blur FC)
- up for fan club gigs - work in progress for next series/Noel stand up
- Zooniverse patches may well be part of the membership... instead of the membership card

(Oh and the moustache is coming of in the next week or so... people are calling Noel Dartanian.. ha ha!)