The Mighty Boosh News Updates

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London DVD Signing

The boys are doing another DVD signing when they return to London at the end of the month.

Date: Thursday 30th March, time: 12.30-2pm
Venue: HMV, 150 Oxford Street, London W1

Due to limited time available, entry to the queue will be restricted to fans with an official wristband only. 400 wristbands will be available with purchase of a Mighty Boosh DVD from the store on the day of the event. One wristband per person only, no reservations, on a "first come first served" basis only. Please note The Mighty Boosh will only be able to sign DVD sleeves.


Important Announcement re Robots "After Show Parties"

Message from Noel and Julian & Boosh tour promoters

The Robot In Disguise shows have got out of hand and promoters are selling them as Boosh aftershows with the Boosh's name on the tickets.

Althought the Mighty Boosh do support the Robots In Discguise tour they cannot guarantee they'll be at any of the shows so please do not buy tickets just for the chance of getting a glimpse of Noel and Julian cos they might not be there and probably won't be.

Please don't buying these tickets because you think the Boosh are going to be there, please buy tickets because you want to see the Robots In Disguise. If the Boosh do pop into the gig it will be a bonus. The promoters shouldn't be selling tickets saying that the Boosh are going to be there. The dates have just been scheduled to coincide with the Boosh tour.

If you want to query any tickets you have already bought then you need to speak to the promoters at the individual venues as the promoters didnt ask Boosh permission.

Noel & Julian

I hope this doesn't cause too much disappointment - obviously it will but anyone who has seen the Robots will tell you that these shows are well worth going to. They will be full of Boosh fans so it'll be a good place to have meet ups. I have said this to anyone who has asked me. It is by no means a guarantee of seeing the Boosh. They will have just been on stage for 2 hours already before these aftershows.

Please be aware that this mix-up has been nothing to do with Noel & Julian or their tour promoters or Robots In Disguise.