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Boosh In Manchester

Details slowly trickling through!

Great news if you are a Northern fan of the Boosh. The Mighty Boosh come to The Lowry in Manchester on 10/11 March 2006.

You need to go to and join the MyLowry email list. From there you will be able to book tickets online. Tickets are not yet on general release.

More details as and when they come. Official details will be with me by WEDNESDAY 2ND NOVEMBER.


RID Live Dates

Robots In Disguise - the brilliant Dee Plume and Sue Denim play live...

Saturday November 5th
Barfly Camden - Noel is also DJing - along with XFM/MTV's Alex Zane.

Saturday November 12th
Upstairs at the Garage (Highbury & Islington)
Club Motherfucker

RID are regular DJs at the Roller Disco at Canvas, York Way, Kings X.

Robots In Disguise seek girl drummer

Robots In Disguise, punk funk girl band r looking for a girl drummer to
play live.

Will be auditioning the first week November in London.

Contact Robert Cantrell @


Robots In Disguise Live with Noel Fielding


Robots In Disguise (live)
+ The Seal Cub Clubbing Club (live) + Alex Zane & Ashley Lawrence (Xfm & MTV) DJ set + Ian Abraham (The Fly) DJ set + The Dolly Rockers Club DJs + VERY Special Guest - Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh) DJ set
Doors - 10.30pm
Tickets - £5.00
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Robots In Disguise
At the height of our disembodied digital era, two robots come disguised as girl-humans to deliver their funkpunk message to the world.

Sue Denim and Dee Plume are Robots In Disguise - the most exciting songwriting duo of the moment.

Dee's aerobic guitar solos and Sue's grooving bass lines dance over anthemic lyrics and pogo electro beats.

Dream ESG, Peaches and Gainsbourg in a pop clusterf*ck.

Live, they ROCK! The stage is their playground - on guitars, singing n shouting, RID entertain their audience, partying it up (throwing out DIY art and cool moves) n entertaining in true old-skool style.

Dee & Sue can also be seen playing the 'Electro Girls', Neon & Ultra, in the first series of The Mighty Boosh.

The Seal Cub Clubbing Club

Lamacq loves 'em and so do we, The Seal Cub Clubbing Club (try saying that after mutilating one too many cute, sea-dwelling mammals) are soon to be enormous. Musically akin to the the bastard son of David Byrne and Clinic, these foot-stomping Wirralites explode with a class and sonic mastery that is way beyond their tender years.

Recent limited-edition single 'Why Don't You Fix It?' has been described by Rough Trade as "the best 3 minutes and 20 seconds we've heard in some time" and we can't disagree.

In fact, their whole set rips your ears off, tailors them into shoes, throws them on your feet and spins you wildly across the dancefloor.

The SCCC really are that good.


Australia - 2nd Series

Any Boosh fans in Australia who want to see the second series on SBS might like to follow Vicky's lead and email the channel directly to prompt them to acquire rights to the series... Do let us know if you receive a reply.